{January 24, 2009}   Getting Aboard
I am flying today. The cause is all commercial. We look forward to get direct agencies. I am pretty unsure about the way things are going to turn up but never the less I am going as planned. I don’t know how some people are when it comes to  doing business but when it comes to me, I feel redudtant. Although, consciousness persists, self keeps fluttering unusual. I hae this terrible problem of not taking things easy…
Never the less, I know that I am capable and can create something big. I just have to work with the same intent.

{December 5, 2008}   Work Getting Exciting
We are adding some new products to our existing product line. Right now we are positioning ourselves as ‘Channel Partners’. However, this is not our Vision.
In 2009, we are poised to get into some new strategic alliances and get direct agencies from US & Europe.
I am happy and excited about the upcoming products/projects. This will help us diversify into newer domains within Cardiology. Slowly and gradually we will be adding new products besides venturing into new states within India.
By 2012, we will be going International. I know all these require allot of scale to leverage potential growth. But I know, I have no other option. I want to be an achiever. And I want to create causes today so that there are no because s tomorrow.
I plan to study and I need a strong balance sheet to support my credentials.
I also have interest in other industry verticals. We as the DIGITEX group would diversify into retail and hospitality in next few years. I know it will be challenging but then I am a saggitarian and I have to take chances. Because if I don’t then somebody else would.

I am posting this blog just to declare my in-ability in getting things right between ‘my world’ and me. People declared about their dislikes and unworkable co-existence. Today, I have this feeling of great remorse for what had been our last words but then it was too difficult for me to live with this displeasure. I believe, people have misunderstood me and have condoned my small but tenacious abilities. That’s okay but then I am not a clown that people can just walk over me. I guess..I am steel. What say you??Lol
I know life moves on and there’s nothing to despair and there’s no use looking back because their isn’t any past nor any future, but then this defeat has brought me enough burns and learn t lessons from life. I would like to share some of my crucial learnings here…
1. Go easy…never hit a six in ‘pursuit of acceptance’.
2. Listen more, talk less.
3. You can never be appreciated by anyone and everyone.
4. No two people are the same.
5. Time is the ‘master of all puppets’. It can make/break/re-make things at any time.
6. If things have to happen, they will happen.
7. Lastly, defeat is not the end. Life plays games.
I don’t think so how well you people will understand and relate to this post of mine. Never the less, I am trying to lead a profound life. I still await my reflection. I tried and I tried hard…but again missed the bus.
Okay! There are more things to do and I think they should be prioritized now if not anything else. That’s how life is…totally unreasonable. 🙂 But it’s cool…it’s a learning. A learning for life!

{November 21, 2008}   Silence’s the commotion
It’s been 02 days now that things have stopped rolling. I guess, ‘denial to need’ is what’s happening today between people like us. I know it’s not right and it’s killer. I don’t know the other side, but it’s definitely detrimental to me. When such things happen, you get bruised so badly, although things don’t seem to get noticed. But then, probably this is how life is. People would die ‘dead right’ but not express their agony, their pain.
What so ever the case may be, one has to keep moving in live. You cannot let people walk over you. How sodding your intent shall be, people start taking things for granted. They don’t care, they don’t bother. Only clowns like us get their ass kicked. Lol…it’s funny. I am sure my grand children would be happy to read these excerpts of mine as and when they come to life.
I am still positive about everything. There was never much hope but I still trust to hope. I am saying this because I believe what Richard parents’ once said- “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained”.
That’s what I believe in….but at the same time I am tired of this. I may not be able to stand it any longer. I am sure you must be finding me ambivalent today. But it’s okay…its not new to me. I am used to it now. But then I bounce back. Cool huh..! Mr. ‘No Degree’ Professor!!:-)

{November 17, 2008}   Nov.16, 2008- A day of hope
I checked out my reflection today twice during the day. Things seemed okay with ‘easy response’ on both the sides. I had allot of questions regarding some answers. Was looking forward to clarify them???
A day before yesterday, I wasn’t able to see light but I guess things are improving… It’s too early to say that these changes are for once good or bad. But then, they seem to be changing in my interest at least as far as my wisdom is able to assimilate these proceedings. I don’t know what’s going to happen next. It’s really difficult to comprehend anything but then at the end of the day, it’s all about living a happy life.
It’s challenging in today’s times to find the right reflection. Things don’t turn up the way you wish for and at the same time there’s so much chaos outside that people cannot relate to each other intentions that easily be it business or in-person. I would say still business is quite easy because mullahs know and therefore play their roles pretty well.
Never the less, the thing is you have to play your cards well. And you should know where you have to stop playing your game and let others’ mark their match. Again, this is the challenge. Being a ‘karmayogi’, it’s terrible for me to identify my point of circumvent.
Above all, I am happy and I hope things go well…

Oct20, 2008 and Oct23, 2008 were special days for me. I am putting these dates on this blog as a remembrance to my ‘reflection’. I may not be able to speak that openly on these dates sharing my good fortune but then I am so happy and delighted to have lived these moments in particular. I will always remember these dates and if word goes well, I will live a happy life too.

{August 28, 2008}   To transpose is to achieve…
I have been trying hard to remain focused. I spend allot of energy on things which would possibly materialize to achievement. But I still feel dilapidated. Some of the mistakes that I had cajoled very beautifully in the past keep coming back to me and kick my ass. I know these things cannot be changed but it simply bothers me every now and then. I am actually tired and deeply pissed off. I have taken few decisions in life which I am not very sure off as on date. I feel scared of not getting the right results and making it to the top.
When I see my fellows, things are different for them. Some of them have run away from responsibilities and are in a way moving ahead on their career path without any relative/parental obligations to support. They think big and they get enough time for themselves to evolve and act big. They work and work and work and I am sure they are bound to make it big.
Today, I don’t see myself stand anywhere near them. I have done some blunders in the past and I feel relented. I am aware of how hopeless I feel when I compare myself to some of these people. These people have got opportunity to do something, which I always wanted to do. I have taken decisions on such high costs that presently, I feel just so painful. I really don’t know now what will take to instigate me to move forward. I see blind.  😦

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